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    We understand how important parents are in the delivery of programs such as AFL Victoria’s School Holiday Program.

    Once you have signed your child up for a School Holiday Program you are:
    • Providing your child with an exciting and challenging learning environment
    • Assisting you child with being active and healthy on their school holidays
    • Providing a pathway for your child into a junior football club
    • Giving your child the chance to meet and interact with other young enthusiasts
    • Developing your child’s basic fitness skills

    What can a School Holiday program do for parents?

    An AFL Victoria School Holiday program can assist you as a parent by:
    • Providing you with some clear pathways for your child into a junior football club
    • Allowing you the opportunity to be involved in your child’s skill development
    • Providing you with an opportunity to get involved with community activities

    How can you be involved?

    Although all School Holiday programs will be run by accredited level 1 coaches there will be several opportunities for parents to be involved if they wish. Remember parents are welcome to but are NOT required to remain on site during the School Holiday programs.

    • Parents can stay and watch their children develop skills in Australian Football
    • Link up with community clubs and distribute community information
    • Discuss with other parents community involvement opportunities

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